02 / 04 / 2017 | Videos

Making air compressor

On our 61th project, we made an essential tool for every workshop. The construction that we have created this time is an air compressor. Even though it is a common tool, it is useful for cleaning as well as using tools that air compressor is required. 

Firstly, regarding the machine that compresses the air, we used a compressor taken from an old air-condition and for compressed air tank, we used an old bottle of propane. Although, this construction is relatively easy to be made, a lot of dangers are lurking so it is required to be careful and experienced. Taking the bottle of liquid gas, we first unscrewed the valve in order to remove the residues from its content. Then, we filled it up with water to clean its content completely and remove any other liquid or gas included in the bottle. Next, we made some holes where it was necessary and we conglutinated some rusks in each hole. These rusks have the same fold like the accessories that we put in a later stage of our project.

The dangerous part of our construction is at this point, where the air tank is located as any tank that accepts air needs to be checked and tested in a safe way to ensure that it can handle more pressures than the daily amount of pressures as there is the risk to be violently exploded and cause serious damages and injuries. Therefore, after finishing with the conglutination on our bottle, we sealed it and we tried it with water pressure so that if it is exploded, it won’t be so serious and violent. We tried our bottle at the 25 bar. For extra safety, we used a safety valve regulated at the 8 bar and we also used an electronical switch that stops the compressor’s function when the pressure reaches the point we set. 

In another socket, we placed a pressure controller connected to two other holes, where the tires are located as well as the tools. At the bottom part of the tank, an air faucet was placed that was opened to clean the tank from the air and the humidity that was collected due to the compression.

Lastly, at the last socket that we made on our tank, we connected the tank with the compressor so that the air, which pressures the compressor, passes through the tank.
At this stage of our procedure, we should mention that to make the compressor work between the connection of the tank and the compressor, a blow off valve should be used to prevent the air from the bottle to return back to the compressor. Additionally, when the function of the compressor stops, the compressed air remained in the compressor is removed to enable it to restart easily when it is instructed. 

Finally, it is a very interesting and easy project that needs great cautiousness to avoid any dangers lurking. Even though the compressor taken by a broken air condition has the ability to compress up to 35 bar, we regulated it to work up to 8 bar, which is sufficient for the use that we want it. Also, a final tip from us, using a compressor taken from a fridge is also good as you will get a very silent machine.

Get the Plan: http://bit.ly/MIEplan


Get the Plan: http://bit.ly/MIEplans

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26 / 03 / 2017 | Videos

Extremely heavy fidget spinner

For this video, we got inspired by other youtube videos, in which youtubers constructed various spinners and each of it had its own particularities and characteristics. Therefore, the team of ‘make it extreme’ decided to make its own spinner and make our own experiments on that.

Firstly, we cut a whole piece of a metallic axis and using a lathe we turned its shape into conical. This piece consists the point of connection between the spinner and the ground. Then, we put a flywheel that was taken by an old fitness machine on this conical, metallic piece. The flywheel moves without being affected by the piece that touches the ground. The total weight of our construction is 38kg which is considered as excessively heavy for a spinner. 

Moreover, on the flywheel we put many metallic angles creating a winged perimeter. Also, using the power of air that blows on the angles that were placed there, urge the flywheel to spin. Thus, using a sufficient power of air, our whirligig can be span in a great speed as a result it is inert and balanced enough preventing to be dropped on the ground. Therefore, as long as the whirligig spins it keeps its balance, too. 

Finally, to get experimented with it, we also placed two pedals above the whirligig in order to be able to balance ourselves on it being ensure that it is inert to be dislocated during its spinning. Our conclusion is that we need a much heavier whirligig which can be span in a much greater speed as we managed to keep our balance for just a few seconds on our spinner.  To sum up, although as it seems a not so useful project, it was interesting and we spent a pleasant time making it!


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01 / 03 / 2017 | Videos

Make it Extreme's Logo from metal chips

This time the video that we have prepared is different from all the others but it is equally interesting. What we have made up, now? Well, this time we decided to make the logo of our team the ‘make it extreme’ using the iron filings that we have collected from the various cuts that we used for all of our previous constructions that were already presented to you on our youtube channel.

To start with, the particular project was created by cutting our logo on a laser cutter. Then, we cut four copies on a MDF wood of 4mm thickness and we conglutinated them using a particular glue for wooden molds. Therefore, the logo that we created on the wood has 16mm total thickness and 35cm diameter. Our wooden logo was sprayed with a special non-stick substance and then we utterly covered it with a special silicone for molds apart from its back side. 

A day after, when the silicone was hardened, we removed the wooden mold from inside to create a mold made of silicone that imprinted every single detail from the original mold. The mold made of silicone has the benefit that it can be used multiple times and it can produce many copies. Then, we sprayed the mold from silicone using a non-stick substance and after that we filled it with a transparent, epoxy resin and iron filings. Thus, after the resin had hardened, we removed it from the mold and the incredible outcome amazed us.

Moreover, we placed it in a wooden, round frame that we had already painted it in green colour, which is also used in our machines. On the particular round frame, we put wooden letters painted in white shaping the inscription ‘any time is a time to build’. This inscription reflects our view and presence in the workshop of the ‘make it extreme’ team. 

Finally, behind our logo, we set a hidden lighting with batteries to be lightened during the night. Although, that was a new experience for us and even if it is our first trial on such a thing, the outcome was amazing. We must admit that we are very pleased that this creation will decorate our workshop from now on!


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19 / 02 / 2017 | Videos

Make it extreme's plasma cutter notcher

A very essential tool for every manufacturer who uses tubes to his constructions is the notchers. The notchers are very useful as they are used to remove a piece of the tube in order to fit precisely on another tube without leaving any gap between them and so that their welding to be accurate. Generally, notchers are essential tools and particularly, in constructions like a buggy, exhaust, fields of a mini football and in anything that requires the use of tubes and the procedure of welding. 

There are various kinds of notcher at the market and each and every one has its own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, our construction uses the plasma cutter as a cutting tool. To start with, we first made a frame made of a square tube of 30 x 30 x 2mm on which we placed a tube with slots to pass a bearing through the two edges. Then, through the bearing we passed a perforated shaft, which at its back side a pulley was placed and it was connected on the motor with a strap.

Initially, we used a motor taken by car wipers but then we preferred an AC motor having the potential of moving both on the right and on the left. The motor was connected with a potentiometer to regulate the speed of its rotation and with a switch that chooses the rotational direction as well as the activation of the motor. Therefore, by activating the motor the perforated shaft rotates on the direction that we want and at the speed that we wish. After we had achieved our goal and this function, we put an aluminum flange lined with linear bearing at the front side of the perforated shaft. The linear bearing is used for ensuring a forward and backward move in our machine. 

Moreover, using these bearings, we managed to make a basis for the plasma cutter. At the back side of the basis, there is a bearing that follows a guiding ring to achieve a particular move according to the guiding ring. In specific, our system is known as a ‘pantograph’. At the front side of our machine, it was made a basis that a clamp was placed for the tubes. In this way, the plasma cutter is spinning around the tube following the orders of the pantograph and removing the material that should be removed. 

It should be noted that without the pantograph, our machine cuts in a straight line and if it is needed to cut in an angle, the inclination for cutting is chosen according to the direction of clamp’s rotation. 

In conclusion, our construction’s advantages are multiple. For example, it is mobile and light, it can cut tubes of a large diameter compared to other kinds of machines that are not capable of that. Also, it can cut straight angles and various shapes according to the guiding ring of the pantograph. More importantly, its major advantage is its cost as it is much less comparing to other machines like CNC that are also capable for the same thing.  Additionally, its potentials are not just restricted to these as it is also capable to cut round flanges and many other things using different clamps and different basis for the plasma cutter. Closing, it is hard to describe this construction in words so there are precise designs at the make it extreme patreon for any of you who is interested to make it by himself.

Get the Plan: http://bit.ly/MIEplans

Get the Plan: http://bit.ly/MIEplans

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05 / 02 / 2017 | Videos

Screw log splitter

This week’s structure is a useful machine for every house that has fireplaces or wooden heaters as it is used for slitting the wood. For instance, when we cut the pieces of wood using a chainsaw, we get too big pieces of wood that they cannot fit in our fireplaces and wooden heaters so we divide these large pieces into smaller ones. Despite the fact, that there are many tools and machines for this purpose, we chose to make a ‘screw log splitter’ for the particular video. The way it works is generally simple and it is not too demanding making it besides some parts that were essential for its good performance as well as making it safe to be used.  

In the beginning, we made the frame of our structure using square tubes of 60mm x 60mm x 2mm. Regarding the frame’s dimensions are 80cm width, 106cm length and 62cm height. Then, we put wheels under the frame in order to manage to move our machine easily and save it in a good place. The wheels are 18cm height so the final height of our machine is 80cm, tall enough to keep the user to the most ergonomic position as much as possible. This is the suitable height to keep the user relaxed and high enough to keep him safe from any injury during its use.

Afterwards, we placed the electric motor of the machine that is equally powerful as 3hp power and it is the strongest single-phased motor that rotates in 3000rpm speed. Using pulleys, we decreased the spins of our last axis that rotates with 300rpm speed. The reason of doing that was to increase the torque of this axis in order to be powerful enough to split the pieces of wood that we need. We used 4 pulleys in total, one in the motor, two in an axis in the middle which is for the motion transmission and one at the last axis. 

Furthermore, we made some systems at the motor and at the axis in the middle which is used for the motion transmission, to displace them in order to be able to reach their ideal spot and achieve the best possible stretching of the belts of the pulleys as a result to have their best possible function. At the last axis, we put a screw in a conical shape that while screwing the wood, it separates it in two pieces. It should be mentioned that we bought this screw as we have not been capable of making our own, yet. It is 8mm at its thinnest part and 80mm thick at its thickest part. Therefore, while the screw is screwing the wood the particular piece of wood is being pulled towards the thickest part of the screw and the wood is divided into two pieces. Also, we put a piece of iron plate of 6mm thick under the screw and the wood has been placed on the iron plate and directed towards the screw. 

Apart of the basis where the wood is placed, the particular piece of iron plate obstructs the rotation of the wood. Additionally, the wood’s rotation is also obstructed by a vertical bar that is located under the screw and it is in the shape of an ax. Thus, the rotation of the wood has to be decreased when the machine works as there is a risk to hurt your hands. The frontal part of the screw is 10cm away from the iron plate and this distance between them encourages splitting the wood more easily. 

To sum up, after a lot of spinning and welding, we can see that our machine works great. The particular machine could be also worked using a machine of internal combustion, which would make it moveable and much more powerful. However, our form of machine makes it more useable and better for domestic use as the motor used is less noisy and it does not need any fuels from a gas station. Finally, the motor gets activated by pressing a button and there is an overload system in case the motor gets overloaded. Even if we haven’t placed any security button, yet; it is essential to place one somewhere on the machine in case of an emergency, so that the machine will be immediately, deactivated when there is a danger. Another project of the make it extreme team has been finally completed and undoubtedly it will make our life easier!

Get the Plan: http://bit.ly/MIEplans

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