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It is undoubtedly a unique decorative structure!

An alternative way to give an unforgettable look to your living room!! Who would be able to forget it after looking at that??
Probably the most breathtaking, even the most terrifying object you could find in someone's house!! A gun!! 
Hold on!! That's not a real one, however it's much bigger than the actual size and this would be enough to catch your eye!! 
You'll probably wonder what the hell is that giant gun doing in the living room!! 

Well, I ll give you the answer below!!
I just wanted to impress my visitors!! I just wanted to give my living room my personal touches that no one would forget once see!!! 
What could be more impressive than an extreme structure made by Make it extreme?? The thing was that I should think of something very interesting!! 
Something that my friends would love!! They are all lovers of action movies, trying to investigate every crime case and of course they are addicted to ....gun stuff!! 
That was the reason I decided to make a giant gun!!!
But wait a minute!!! My friends also love beer!! How would I combine those two things!! Nothing could be better than an extreme beer can dispenser in the shape of a gun!!! 

Really cool idea!! Do you find that an interesting project?? Are you wondering how was that made??
You can find all the details below!!
The most impressive thing about this gun is that it really works! It actually has excactly the same function as a real gun! The only difference is that instead of  "shots to death" this one gives shots of beer!!
You only have to fill the magazine with beer (or soft drinks cans if you are not one of the alcoholic drinks lovers!) then target your thirsty friend, press the trigger and the drink will blast off through the barrel!!
Regarding the construction part it was a real challenge for make it extreme!! And it was also a structure which added great  experience and knowledge to the team!! 
It was a very difficult but full of pleasure working time!!

Firstly I made the fixed part of the gun, where the moving parts would be placed on. The gun was made of a metal tube and iron plate.
After the fixed part was done, I should find a way to cause movement of the moving parts. ! Thus, I decided to modify  an old car window’s mechanism! That mechanism  would to be used to cause movement of a chain which would then be connected to an accessory and would be able to move forward as well as backwards once it is driven by rails. Then a switch was installed on the trigger which would cause (when pressed) the movement through the rail.
In order to prevent any damage to the mechanism, a limit switch was installed at the beginning as well as at the end of the rail which disable the function of  the motor at the end of the movement.

When pressing the trigger, the mechanism  takes the can from the magazine, pushes it through the barrel and reaches the target (gets into someone’s hands). 
When leaving the trigger, the motor return to the initial position, ready for the next shot!!
The motor operates using a rechargeable battery which is placed in the gun. Also in the gun, a pump was placed together with joints and a closet. Through the closet the cold water can pass between  the cans! 
A waterproof box (in the shape of a bullet) was also designed as an independed part of the structure! in there, there is cold water and ice!the pump which was placed in the gun can convey  cold water from the bullet to the gun, just by pressing a button, and pass it through the cans in order to keep low temperature of the cans as desired! 

When the construction parts were all done, it was time for the design phase! That great shape and the look of a real gun were achieved using timber and metal as the main materials of this structure! 

The dimensions of the gun are 100cm x70cm x25cm. Some paints (light walnut colour) were also used to paint the wood that was used for the handle of the gun.


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Turning relaxation time into a luxurious unforgettable experience

It was a Saturday afternoon, it was actually the longest Saturday I had ever lived!!  I was working for months on a specific project and that was just finished on that Saturday!! 100% successful!!  

The only thing I needed at that time was to get some rest!! And that was the exact time, i had this wonderful idea!! I just thought “How can I make my (very few) resting time the most relaxing time possible??  How can I add a luxurious touch in order to highly satisfy myself after all those hard working hours??” .....
... “Maybe I could rent a hotel suite and enjoy all of the luxurious services for one or two days, or, I could even have a journey abroad for some days”..  Those ideas sounds good enough, but, I just wanted to do something extreme as well as something that would last longer and why not forever?  
That is how I decided to make this extreme rocking chair!!  

It was designed in a unique way so it can be used at anytime during the day, both in and out of the house.  I should mention that the cost of the construction for this rocking chair was extremely high due to the high quality of the materials used.  

If you ask about working hours for the construction of this project, I should say that was nothing less than fifteen hours per day for a total of sixteen days (about 240 hours). The chair is made of metal frame covered with iroko wood.

Once it is made by “Make it extreme” this chair could be nothing but innovating!!

What does make it innovating? 
It is not just a rocking chair!!  It is an extreme rocking chair, with unique specifications that have never been met on a rocking chair before!!
First of all it is equipped with a mechanism so when used outdoor, you can just press a button to reveal a cover which opens to protect from sun exposure and offers shade to the user.  

There is also enough storage space on the sides in order to put a book or anything you want to use during using the chair, both when used in the house or outdoor.  

What is more, (during indoor use only) when you open the storage space door, you can see a socket installed,  which can be used to plug any electric device (laptop charger, mobile phone charger, DVD player etc) once use of technology became (rightly or wrongly) a part of our life, and of course a must during relaxation time.  
It’s worth saying that charging of the mobile phone was deemed necessary when designing the chair and that was the main reason the socket was installed, which could also be used to plug any other device. 

Due to the fact that using a portable dvd  palyer (or a laptop) to watch movies (or listen to music) could limit comfort at some point, the chair is installed with speakers which can easily be plugged to the mobile phone and increase the volume as well as the satisfaction offered. 

Furthermore, adjusting the tilt of the chair was achieved with the use of weights.  
For the highest possible comfort there is an automatic footrest which opens or closes when the tilt is adjusted.

Regarding the design of the chair, it rests perfection as you might realise already! However, there is also something more.  

At first sight, anyone would think this is a “swing” chair. It looks like it doesn’t touch the ground, and this is due to the use of led strip lights under the chair, which when turned on, give the impression that the chair swings above the lights.  
The lighting and the brightness of the lights are both adjustable and can be adjusted using a remote control.


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Another one for industrial design lovers!!!

That was made just because I love industrial design!!

As you remember, I have already made a “concrete look” table before! 
The one that was constructed of timber but covered with concrete blocks to give that perfect industrial design look. 
For those who may missed that please follow the link here

After that first successful try, I felt the need to make a real concrete table, a table totally made out of concrete!!
What does make it extreme?? What does make it unique??  
It was the challenge of making a strong structure combined with nice look and a great colour, it was the clever idea of putting wheels to make movement easier, and of course, it was the huge weight (184kgs) and the odd shape.. yeap!! But it is also something you may didn’t notice!! 
It is the way of construction of this table, which creates an illusion and makes the space look larger than it really is!!  
In order to achieve this great table, we used our “made extreme”  polystyrene cutter machine (please follow the link here) to create a specific polystyrene mold for the construction of the table and give the concrete such an  impressive shape.

Materials used: making the concrete mix for this table was not a simple process. 

The decision of which materials (and in what quantities) to use, was made after a long research in order to achieve the highest possible quality.  

The mix was left in the mold for three days, then the mold was removed and the table was revealed!!! 
After the mold was removed, the table needed to be sand, and many times were spent in order to achieve the desired smoothing of surface. 
It was that time, when i felt I need to add something to make the difference!! 

I just made the decision to put a blue glass shelf which in contrast with the concrete colour gives that unique style to the table!  
What is more, the led downlights put under the shelf makes the table an unforgettable structure anyone would love!


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Need to make a particular mold? Use this Polystyrene cutter!

A polystyrene cutting machine!! That’s a must for the creative ones!! 

Can be used to make molds, models, candles, and much more inspired ideas!!  
The main advantage of this machine is that it cuts polystyrene without leaving any rags, as a result, prevents “messy” working space. 

It can easily cut large surfaces, with no effort. It cuts angles of any degrees once the cutting surface can be adjusted and set to any degrees according to the requirements. 
It could cut many pieces of polystyrene at the same time according to the elements used. 
The cutting height is adjustable and you can set the required height using the accessories which come with the machine. 
Another advantage of this machine is that the cutting wire can be replaced with a thinner or a thicker once and this gives the flexibility to cut different widths with high accuracy! 
When used in combination with a lot of imagination, it can produce unbelievable stuff!!  It has infinite uses and can create many different products and a huge number of complementary tools.

The total cost for the construction is very low (about 80 Euros). It weighs about 25 kg and its dimensions are W75cm x D75cm (the height is adjustable according to the requirement).  
The total height when not in use and when all the accessories are placed on their position is 20cm.
It can be either fitted on a work bench of stand on the floor...
Either on the work bench or on the floor, the user must be very careful when using this machine once the cutting wire reaches very high temperatures when in use.

The materials used for this machine were: metal pieces, timber, wires, a transformer, elements, screws, paint. It is an easy to make machine but a very useful one!!

Year of construction: 2015


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Retractable wall TV stand!!

That’s a wall base for a 65’’ tv. It is a retractable tv mount with full Motion swing out tilt and swivel articulating arm. It can reach a max. 
Of 2 meters distance from wall and gives the opportunity to watch tv everywhere in the house, in the living room, the kitchen or even on balcony. 
And can carry a max of 100 kg!! What makes it extreme? The fact that even if its fully loaded, it is still completely straightened. It was made of 40x20x3mm hollow sections and 20mm hinges. 
Furthermore, a bearing was used for its construction and this makes it easier to move and requires no effort to use.
It was made very quickly for a fun of “make it extreme”.


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