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Electrolysis owns number 102 in our constructions. Electrolysis is the procedure of decomposing a substance supported by electricity. It is used for the export of pure metals as well as for plating.

First of all, we started making our construction by taking an old, plastic container of 45x45x45cm size. Then, we made a metallic frame with wheels, on which we placed our plastic container. Thus, it can be easily moved to be cleaned. To be able to move the electric cargo, we modified a transformer taken by an old microwave. Therefore, we modified the transformer in order to exit 13v AC and then supported by a bridge, we turned our exit into DC.

Regarding the cleaning of the metals from the rust, the negative pole is located on the piece while for the plating we do it the other way round. As we filled our tank with water, we put some washing soda in it and then we sank the rusty metals in the liquid.

The outcome of it was unbelievable as the rust was vanished completely from the metallic piece.

To sum up, we are very excited with what we created and we are looking forward to trying it for various kinds of plating such as copper plating and nickel plating.

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