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Besides of an interesting structure, the project 0115 reminds us our childhood dreams that we did not manage to fulfil. The making of a gear selector system by pressing buttons from a motorcycle steering wheel is an exciting and interesting procedure.

First, we started creating it by taking 2 starter solenoid from 2 broken starter motors. Then, we removed all the pieces of the solenoid that were unnecessary for our structure and we used only the coils that after they are 12vdc power supplied, they become powerful electromagnets. Next, we placed these electromagnets in an aluminum rods that we made on the lathe having 25mm distance the one from the other.

The axis passes through the coils and it is moved forward and backward according to which electromagnet is activated each time. When there is no electricity in the coils, the axis is in the middle and it can be moved both forward and backward. Later, we connected the axis of our structure to the gear shift of the motorcycle. The rest of the structure was stabilized on the framework that we made to present the video.

To sum up, to try our structure, we used an air stapler gun that worked amazingly well. Then, after we had regulated the pressure at the 3 bars, we tried our airbrush and we made the make it extreme logo on a wood having excellent results. The outcome and the functionality of this structure is amazing and we are very pleased with the result.

Project Video

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