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A lot of time has passed since we bought a powder coating machine, we have finally decided to make an oven to bake this powder. This machine charges the powder electrostatically so that the powder will be glued on the surface, which is charged electrostatically on the opposite direction. Then, the object which carries the powder is placed in an oven at a specific temperature for a particular time period in order to achieve a nice covering. Therefore, we decided to create an oven covering our needs in order to use it on our projects and obtain a good finishing and a better tolerance of our creations during the time. The oven has 2m x 1m x 1m dimensions. We used 12 sheet metals 2x 1E 2mm.

Firstly, we made the inner part of the oven, which was lined on the outside with stone wool. Then, we lined the outer part of the stone wool with sheet metal. Thus, we created an insulated box, which limits the temperature loss as a result it warms quickly and keeps its temperature without spending a lot of energy. This oven is warmed by three elements, which are located at the bottom of the oven, and each one is 3KW. In this way, we created an oven of 9KW. The hot air is moving from lower to higher. However, to improve the flow of heat in the oven to be balanced, we placed an electric motor which recycles the air by passing it constantly through the elements to be equally distributed.

Moreover, the heat is maintained at the same level that we have already set it by the controller, which identifies the temperature and checks when the elements are on and when they are off.

Another innovation, which has to do with the energy consumption, was managed with the creation of an insulated separator, which can be located in various parts of the oven so that the space of the oven can be used at its 25, 50, 75 or 100%. In this way, for small objects we can use the 25% of the oven and achieve the baking of the powder at the ¼ of the time and at the ¼ of the energy consumption.

Finally, we have completed our oven painting it with temper paint, which is capable to tolerate temperatures up to 750°C. Therefore, after so many days we managed to implement this remarkable tool with the construction number 0142 and paint pieces of our creation numbered 0139, which is still on the making. We are very impressed with the outcome and we are looking forward to use it for our future paintings.

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