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The construction 0145 is a tool that can bend the tubes at the degrees set by the user in order to be able to make various constructions. This is a very useful tool and necessary for many constructions. Firstly, we made a piston of 70mm diameter and 40cm long, which is able to exert power equal to 20 tons. On the piston, we put two metallic plates, on which two v blocks are placed and the distance between them can be varied each time. The distance between them is defined according to the diameter of the tube that we want to bend. The thicker the tube is the longer the distance is between the two v blocks. Afterwards, on the outer part of the piston, in other words on the part of the piston which remains stable, we screwed a rectangular, solid, metallic piece which is considered the basis of our machine.

Furthermore, on that rectangular-shaped piece, we connected another rectangular-shaped piece of 50x50mm thick and 40cm long, on which we drilled a hole of 26mm thick and 6cm long almost before we reach its edge. On this hole, we placed a metallic axis of 30mm. This axis is the spot where all the molds are entered and bent by the tube. These molds can be rounded or semi-rounded metallic pieces that parametrically at their Centre, they have the shape of the tube that owns the particular size. Therefore, the v blocks keep the tube to the Centre and then they push it on the mold so the tube bends around the mold without distorting its cylindrical shape.

In conclusion, we placed the machine on a basis to enable its moves and to be located at a good and sufficient height. The machine can be also placed vertically and horizontally based on the user’s convenience. Our tool works very well and we are very satisfied that we have included it in our collection as well as we are looking forward to using it on the next projects.

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