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Besides the machine, essential for bending a tube is the dies that are used by it. These dies are responsible for the homogeneous and accurate bending of a metallic tube.

The different sizes of the dices enable us to bend different kinds of tubes in thickness. A common way of making them is with the use of a tool that is used in lathe and it is called “internal spherical turning tool.”

As we didn’t make such a tool, we decided to show a different way. First, we modified the piece adjusting it to the right size and then we placed it on the dividing head. The size of the tube that we were going to bend was 42mm therefore we should remove a 21mm hemisphere from our piece by perimeter of our cylindrical piece. Therefore, we regulated our fly cutter when it rotates to shape a 42mm circle.

We also, regulated it at the centre of the piece horizontally and vertically. While the fly cutter was spinning, we were moving 2mm in the piece and using the division head we were creating a complete rotation of the piece. Repeating the same procedure we inserted 21mm in the piece creating the perfect dice for our machine.

Finally, as we completed it, we used it for bending a tube for our next project reaching an unbelievably good result.

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