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The Make it Extreme creation with the number 0118 is a very powerful Spot Welding machine. It is a very useful tool for welding iron plates and various other structures. This welding is achieved by the heat caused at particular spots due to the resistance of the electricity. It is relatively an expensive machine, so we decided to make it by ourselves according to our needs.

After taking two transformers from old microwave ovens, we removed the secondary coils and we replaced them with ones that we made to manage to exit with 1,5volt and 500A. Therefore, we created two coils in a row to achieve this outcome of approximately 1,5 1000A. Thus, we made a machine which is able to weld 4mm metals thick with great ease.

Afterwards, we connected the two exits from the transformers on two copper calipers. These calipers exert pressure on the pieces of metal by using our hands and pushing at the point where the metals are going to be weld and simultaneously they are transfering the electrical load. To set the time, when the coils transfer the electrical load, we placed a timer delay switch from 0-10s. In this way, we have the opportunity to choose the thickness that we prefer to weld.

To conclude, we managed to create a very functional machine with amazing capabilities as it can weld both thick and thin pieces, easily. We are very pleased and  satisfied with our creation.

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