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we started doing this project.

First of all, choosing a differential system taken from a BMW car and a motor taken from an old, electric hand lift we collected the main elements of this creation. The differential system of the car is the part that enables the movement of its wheels and plays an important role to the normal function of the vehicle. Besides the transmission of movement from the motor to the wheels, it also regulates the different speed move among the wheels if it is essential, when the car turns.

Taking advantage of this function, we made our structure. After connecting the motor on the movement entrance of the deferential, we fastened both elements on the metallic frame. Next, we put transmission shafts and two disc brakes on the two exits of the differential, one on each side accordingly. The shafts are responsible for the transmission of the movement to the creepers. In addition, the disc brakes are used to enable the driver of the vehicle to make the transmission to each creeper selectively.

In this way, when we press the right shaft of the differential, the movement of the right creeper stops or decreases and the left one needs to be moved faster so that our vehicle can turn. The opposite happens when we press the right shaft as well.

Concluding, until we create this vehicle we need to solve various problems and to make other pieces like the creepers, the batteries and others. The first part of this vehicle is ready and it was such a pleasant manufacturing creation.

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