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On this episode we are working on the formation of the physical appearance of the car trying to improve its aesthetic as well as the aerodynamic of this ugly car.

Firstly, we got an old shield from a mercedes which was modified in width and then we fixed it on the car chassis. Next, we filled the gap between the hood and the shield with polyurethane foam spray. As soon as the spray got hard we shaped the hood as we wanted to look prettier and more aerodynamical.

Finally, we covered the hood with fiberglass creating a hard and resilient hood. We managed to give a beautiful shape to the side parts above the wheels (fenders) by using a lot of polyurethane foam spray. The fenders that we have created “hug” the front lights that we took from an old Peugeot car. After, we had covered them with fiberglass we proceeded to change the shape of the car doors. Also, we changed the shape of the back fenders to cover the wide wheels that we showed in a previous video.

Two car scoops, one on the hood of the car and one on the car roof make the image of the car look wilder.

Final creation presented on this video is the spoiler that increases the stability of the car in the street.

After rubbing it and using a lot of filler, we must admit that we are very satisfied with the physical appearance of the car which will be painted on the last episode of this series in order to avoid scratching.

Although, we are not experts in this kind of structures, we believe that we made a very good effort.

Project Video

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