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Continuing with the transformation of our vehicle, we passed from the outer part of it to its inner part. After deep cleaning of our car’s floor, we covered it with a special, black material for cars. On the material, we added some orange letters forming the name of our youtube channel. Afterwards, we removed the old dashboard of the car as it was damaged and we made a new one by an orange acrylic, on which we placed the buttons that they will control the motor and the lights of the car. We also added an extra pedal for the clutch of the engine, as there was not any pedal for that because the vehicle used to be electric.

Moreover, after all the above changes we also altered the steering wheel of the vehicle. The wheel, now, can be replaced by a press of a button so that the driver can get off the car more comfortably. What is more, we could not miss adding a nice and light seat for the driver. Particularly, to achieve having a light weight of our vehicle we made an aluminum seat. To make this seat, we cut an aluminum iron plate of 2, 5 mm and we shaped the seat according to the one we attached it on by gluing some reinforcements in various parts. Furthermore, we put a new windshield and windows by a transparent plastic in order to be lighter and safer. We also changed the panels of the doors to become lighter as well as to make the inside part of the car look and be more spacious.

Finally, we added a special handbrake by a printed aluminum, which is manufactured by a top company, called ‘Protolabs’. Therefore, we have ended and the part 4 of our vehicle.

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