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It is obvious even from the title that the construction numbered 0146 is made for the cleaning of the elements. We have to admit that a space for washing and cleaning the elements is essential in various professions. Firstly, after we had made a metallic base, we placed a stainless steel kitchen sink on it. On the sink, we put a cylindrical brush 40cm, which was taken by the old machine that cleaned the floor. This brush was attached to a motor of 1hp. On the brush, we put an injector for the liquid provision in order to achieve the cleaning more easily and quickly. Under the sink, we made a container, where the water and the chemicals for cleaning are placed. On the container, we put a pump, which leads the liquid to the injector and the remaining liquid in a smaller sink, in which the elements are located to soften the old grease and oils. When the smaller sink is flooded, the liquids are poured down in the big sink and from there they return to the pump’s container. This results to be able to reuse the same chemicals for many washing ups and the expenses are kept in a low level.

Furthermore, on that rectangular-shaped piece, we connected another rectangular-shaped piece of 50x50mm thick and 40cm long, on which we drilled a hole of 26mm thick and 6cm long almost before we reach its edge. On this hole, we placed a metallic axis of 30mm. This axis is the spot where all the molds are entered and bent by the tube. These molds can be rounded or semi-rounded metallic pieces that parametrically at their Centre, they have the shape of the tube that owns the particular size. Therefore, the v blocks keep the tube to the Centre and then they push it on the mold so the tube bends around the mold without distorting its cylindrical shape.

Starting the machine, the brush spins and the water with the chemicals are poured down on it. The user touches the element on the brush and this is how the cleaning happens. The spins and the power of the motor makes our machine very efficient for cleaning and safe for the user. This is the end for another project and we hope our viewers to enjoy the making of it on our video.

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