More info on the project

The construction with the number 0109 is an innovative adaptation on a chainsaw. This adaptation aims to use the chainsaw and as water compressor in order to clean the dirt and spray the plants and tall trees.

First of all, we removed the motor from an old, electric water compressor and we replaced it with an axis from a gear. The movement from the chainsaw’s engine is transmitted through a gear and a chain on the pump of the compressor that can transmit the water to the exit of the nozzle with pressure 140 bar. The nozzles can be changed according to the task that we need to undertake.

One thing is certain that there are many ways of improvement as this is an innovative construction but a pleasant one. This construction is connected with the water provision of the house so that the water will come out in a satisfying quantity to clean all the large surfaces.

Finally, regarding the spraying of the garden, we made a stainless steel container of 30 litres capacity which is an efficient quantity to spray a big garden and this container can be carried on the user’s back.

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