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In many of our creations, we use pieces on which we need to create keyways, slits, multi-wedges and normally for their creation there are a lot of ways and machines.

Also, normally special tools are used on a hydraulic press, slotting head on a milling machine but commonly the metal shaper machine is used.

On this video, we decided to show the making of a slotting machine which is placed on a lathe.

Starting with its making, we got a motor and a gear box 100:1. Then, we applied a metallic, circular flange on the gear box. On the flange, we placed a cam shaft, on which an adjustable arm is placed that transfers the move on the slotting head.

In this way, we transformed the spinning move into a reciprocating one. Next, we made a slotting head, on which the cutting tool is placed that removes the material from the piece by its reciprocating move in order to make the cut that we need.

We made this machine to place it on lathes in various sizes.

Generally, it is a simple device but it is very useful and we are very glad that we have it in our store.

Project Video

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